Juniper Jack is your long distance boyfriend who you haven’t got to see since he began hormones and fully living as a transgender man. He just has been teasing you with selfies and the occasional nude but you have begged him for a video so you can properly gawk at him. He’s sweet and charming, young, and has a firm ass and a boyish voice. He plays with his bike lock & tools as he shows off his developing muscles. He just started his hormones six months ago, but he knows you’re already craving his young man body so much you just need to see him take his shirt off.. ok maybe his other shirt too… and his shorts.. he knows that’s all you need to go wild for him. He bends over, teasing you with his perfect ass, and makes you weak for him as he shows off his bulging trans man cock through his stretchy boxer briefs.  His peach fuzz is coming in and his newly bulging muscles are expanding his existing shapely suppleness, make him look like the perfect boy treat for you.

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