In Juniper Jack’s latest domination and muscle worshipping clip, Juniper Jack is in a locker room where at his local gym where he regularly works out and gets noticed by you, a pathetic, out of shape loser who has been following him around like a lost puppy. He doesn’t seem to notice until he gets out of the shower and catches you staring as he dries off. He immediately can size you up as inferior and demands you undress for him to see what a sorry case you are. He humiliates you, laughs and teases you about never being able to look like him. Jack flexes and makes you admire him, completely controlling you with his muscles. He decides he is your Muscle Master now and he will get you in shape. Jack keeps humiliating you with his superior body and makes you masturbate on to the dirty gym floor. He forces you to eat your own cum, throws you a towel to clean up and a demand to see you tomorrow for more of the same! Submit for Master Jack and his muscles now, you are under his control.

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